Cheap External Hard Disk Drives Under $70
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Cheap External Hard Disk Drives Under $70


What is an external hard disks?

External hard disks are external or portable storage devices used mainly for backup purposes. These devices are commonly slim, compact and comes with a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 interface. The capacities of these storage devices can range from 80 Gigabytes up to 2 Terabytes. However, the main downside of these devices are its sensitivity to shock which means that once you dropped there are big chance of hardware failure.

What are the advantages of using external hard disk drives?

External hard disk drives are commonly used for data backup. Although these cannot be used as your primary hard disk, they are useful in storing your personal collection of files. These are the advantages of using these devices.

Portability - External hard disks are very portable. It allows you to carry the device anywhere and access your files using data cable. These are very useful for businessmen and students.

Large Data Storage Capacity - These devices are similar to primary hard disks when it comes to data storage. They can be Gigabytes up to Terabytes of storage space. This is enough to store your collection of videos, music, documents, software and other files.

Faster Read and Write of Data - Compared to other backup media, external hard disks are faster when it comes to reading and writing of data because these are more compact. This means that you can open and save files faster. In fact, there are external hard disks today which use USB 3.0, a faster technology of data transfer.

What are the stores that offer cheap external hard disk drives under $70?

Some of the popular online stores that offer these cheap external hard disks are EdgeTech, TigerDirect, TigerDirect Canada and ComputerValley. You might be thinking that these backup devices cost very high. Although this is sometimes true but you can actually purchase cheaper external hard disks which are only under $70. These are the cheap backup devices offered by popular online computer stores.

80 Gigabyte Backup External USB Hard Drive from EdgeTech

Price: $49.95

EdgeTech offers you this 3.5" 80 gigabyte external hard disk drive for just $49.95. You can backup your personal files up to 80 gigabytes of capacity. This is enough if you think you have only small number of files to be backed up. Some of the best features of this drive are one push of button backup, automatic backup, file protection, faster data access and portability.

BUSlink Disk-On-the-Go-Lite USB 2.0 Ultra Slim from TigerDirect

Price: $50.92

Compared to the previous mentioned external hard disk, this slim device from TigerDirect only measures 2.5 inches yet faster and more compact. The price is a little bit higher from EdgeTech's external hard disk. The ultra slim feature of this drive gives you more comfort in handling and space in your bag. It comes with a high speed USB data cable just like other external hard disks.

Seagate GoFlex STBL320100 320 GB External Hard Drive from ComputerValley

Price: $58.99 CAD

If you think you will need more rooms for your files in the future, you need to consider buying an external hard disk with higher capacity. The Seagate GoFlex from ComputerValley allows you to save up to 320 gigabytes of storage space which are enough to save your collection of videos, photos and documents.

Seagate STBX500100 Expansion Portable 500GB Hard Drive from TigerDirect Canada

Price: $69.97

If you also need a high capacity external hard disk drive but with faster data access, this device from TigerDirect Canada is perfect for you. The device has a latest 3.0 USB interface which is faster and provides more efficient data transfer. 500 gigabytes of data storage are enough to save your files in the future.

Those are the cheap external hard disk drives under $70. Always remember that these devices are sensitive so careful handling is required. Avoid carrying external hard disk drives in public places and as much as possible, purchase a protective enclosure to protect from shocks.

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